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In the beginning or B.C., namely before computers, there was pen and paper. I received a beautiful new winter coat for my sixth birthday, and I cried. I wanted a tablet of paper and crayons. Then I realized I couldn't draw, so I put the paper to use writing short stories.  

To keep me active, my parents enrolled me in dance classes. My part-time job in high school was teaching dance, acrobatics, baton, ballet, jazz and my favorite-tap! But I still loved writing.

I put away my pen a and paper to obtain my first college degree in medical technology, now called clinical laboratory science, from Marquette University. Later I discovered computers, so back to school I went completing a certificate in data processing--another old term--from Washington University in St. Louis, and a computer science degree from the University of Akron. Career-wise, I was set for life, so I put away the pen and paper.

I worked my way up the career ladder in information technology and into management. I picked up the pen and paper again, well, now I used a computer. I wrote about re-engineering the way physicians worked, and was published in peer-review publications. I was invited to lecture about my work with radiology and operating room departments.

My words were even cast in metal when I wrote the successful proposal for an historical marker for my small village. Still the muse was calling me to do bigger things. (Frankly, I was being harassed.)

I was pushed closer to putting words on paper or into bits and bytes when I moved to a media company. I enjoyed designing their website, but my passion for technology was growing cold.

Armed with a laptop, and a notebook and pen for backup, I set out to learn the publishing business while writing my first novel. I later expanded my investigation into film. Several of my short scripts were finalists in Screenwriting Expo, The Movie Deal and Table Read My Screenplay contests. I worked on films including Liberal Arts, starring Josh Radnor, Elizabeth Olson and Zac Efron, and James Patterson's Alex Cross with Tyler Perry. I 'starred' as an extra in Tomorrow You're Gone with Michelle Monaghan.

I was hooked on ‘the biz’ but my big break came when I attended an improv class. That led to a competition in Los Angeles and representation by a Hollywood agent. So I continue to train, audition and act-up and out, stretching my boundaries.

My journey also included alternative healing practices, such as reiki, polarity therapy, signature cell, sound healing and emotion code. I love being a laughter leader.

I also enjoy quilting and embroidery with a machine because it has a computer in it and I can watch it make really neat designs. Besides writing, I use my computer to dig up old ancestors, well, it's called genealogy. I putter with pottery, no computer necessary, when the mood suits me.

I live in Ohio with my husband, two sons and cat, and, yes, my computer. Still, I carry a journal in my purse, just in case the muse shows up...unexpectedly.





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