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I thought the improvization class that was advertised might be fun. I’d meet some new people and maybe get rid of this writer’s block. All you have to do is follow the teacher’s instructions, right?


I never thought of myself as an actress, although I would joke that my time spent in Information Technology management was one Academy Award performance after another. Needless to say, I had fun at the improv class and I could see that my writing experience had come in handy.

I had already been on film sets as a production assistant, so acting wasn’t that much of a stretch. So, the manuscripts and screenplays were put on a shelf as I ventured into becoming a thespian. And so my journey continues.

If you want more than just the Cliff Note version, read on! 

I had an idyllic childhood in a small rural town in the Midwest. Luckily, my parents were adventurous and would throw me in the back seat of the car for a trip. Each summer we went somewhere for three weeks. As a teenager, I was in a taxi in Morocco when the king executed the men responsible for the first coup attempt on his life on a hill above us. I thought for sure those rounds of gunfire were meant for me as I dove for the floor of the car. Did I mention my parents were adventurous?

I did all the standard stuff like college, marriage and kids. Oh, and a career in information technology where my team and I installed very large computer systems in major healthcare chain. I also did a stint as a medical technologist in a hospital lab.

Eventually, I got bored and began looking for something I could do without being tied to a desk. I had penned many a memo, technical manuals and even peer-reviewed papers, and discovered that even though writing is usually done at a desk, one could have many desks, anywhere. (I would like to thank the developers of the laptop and tablet for their contribution to my mobility.) What better way could I blend my love of travel with a job.

When the perfect time came for me to leave the corporate world, I did. Just in time to enjoy my kids growing up and, sadly, my parents growing old.

So, I wrote about local history, my corporate career and life in general, enjoying the freedom writing gave me to observe others and plot the setups and payoffs that make a great story. I also investigated the business side of publishing and screenwriting.

My words were cast in metal when I wrote the successful proposal for an historical marker for my small village. Still the muse was calling me to do bigger things. (Frankly, I was being harassed.)

Still, I was hooked on ‘the biz’ but my big break came when I attended an improv class. That led to a competition in Los Angeles and representation by a Hollywood agent. So, I continue to train, audition and act--up and out, stretching my boundaries.

My journey also included alternative healing practices, such as reiki and polarity therapy. 

I also enjoy quilting and embroidery with a machine because it has a computer in it and I can watch it make really neat designs. Besides writing, I use my computer to dig up old ancestors, well, it's called genealogy.



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