About Me

I know that bios that start off by saying ‘I was born in…’ are boring but I had an idyllic childhood in a flyover state. Which one, you ask? I’ll give you a hint. I’m related to both sides of the once warring infield and outfield of the movie site, The Field of Dreams…on Dad’s side. (Please see Fun Fact #1 for more info)


I did totally normal stuff like grow up, graduate from college, get married, work in Information Technology in healthcare and have kids…in that order. Nothing creative about that!


So, I chucked in all in a dramatic ‘take this job and shove it’, and never looked back and never put my two STEM degrees to work again.


I found a creative outlet in writing—short stories, plays, screenplays, novels—if it’s written I’ve tried it. That led to getting on set to see how a film was made as a production assistant which led to an improv class which led to college classes in acting which led to parts in theater productions which led to parts in short films which led to… Well, I guess I will find out. (Please see my resume for the details.)


Oh, yeah, I have a bunch of hobbies like swearing at my embroidery machine, trying to match up points on a quilt, genealogy or where I came from…well, I know that, but who came before me! I also like to annoy my kids, travel (please see Fun Fact #2 which did not affect my love of going places), hanging out with friends and live theater.


And write, except write this bio. It’s too…much about me. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed it and check out my fun facts.

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